Saying Yes To Adventure & Meeting up with a Mega Van! X Overland’s Walthall Solo Series EP14 FINALE

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In the final chapter of the Walthall Overlanding SOLO Series, Bryan, Megan, Stella, Kai and Aria come full circle and return to the Pacific Ocean, saying yes to adventure and meeting up with good friends to surf the waves of Washington State. There, they check out their awesome ‘Mega Van’ which they built in order to find adventure at any time. Stay tuned for an update on the Walthall’s family plans and where they are now! Thank you for watching! #xoverland #surfing #overlandingfamily Presented By General Tire – Get your’s at Check out the X Overland Website for more builds: Need a fridge, a bumper, or cookware? Grab it all here: Grab your Expedition Overland merch here: Join the Overlander Community Facebook Group:… Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: Watch…

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