The TRUTH about DRAWER SYSTEMS – No Matter What You Drive!

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Let’s discuss the TRUTH ABOUT DRAWER SYSTEMS for your OVERLAND RIG– do you buy one or DIY a custom DRAWER SYSTEM? It doesn’t matter what you drive- a TOYOTA 4RUNNER, 4×4 TRUCK, SUV, or you’re into that VAN LIFE- OFF ROAD VEHICLE ORGANIZATION is real! What DRAWER SYSTEMS are right for you? It depends on your VEHICLE EVERY DAY CARRY requirements while OVERLANDING, or CAR CAMPING. Does your DRAWER SYSTEM need a KITCHEN DRAWER SYSTEM or maybe a sleeping DRAWER SYSTEM? How are you approaching VEHICLE ORGANIZATION for your brand of OVERLANDING or 4WD OFF ROADING? In this episode, let’s talk about your DRAWER SYSTEM options and considerations- regardless of what you drive. #drawersystem #overlanding #vehicleorganization Start watching our custom DRAWER SYSTEM video series now: DO YOU NEED ADVENTURE? Consider Joining Overland Bound! Head on over to our community and say hello! We’d love to answer your questions about Overlanding and help…

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