Wet & Nasty Ozark Overlanding Group Trail Ride – "Foggy Mountain Run"

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Hey everyone, thank you for checking out this video. I’m really excited to bring you some great footage from our recent trip to the Ozark National Forest. The weather really surprised us on this one. It was a pretty cold, wet, and nasty weekend, but the Ozarks gave us some of the thickest fog I had ever seen, so we appropriately named this trip Foggy Mountain Run. On this trip we had plenty of mudholes, water crossing and incredible views. I hope you all enjoy. Leading the pack we had my buddy Nathan Anderson in his well kitted 2017 ZR2. For the rest of the crew we had Robert in his 5th gen 4Runner, Thomas in his 2016 Tacoma, Gairett in his white Sequoia, Matthew in his 2016 Tacoma, Grayson in his grey Sequoia, and myself in my 2017 Tacoma. Thank you to Nathan Anderson for the additional photos, video, and drone shots. @nathanpanderson Arkansas Offroad Merch: https://www.longcreekoverland.com/shop/6 For updates, video clips, and photos, check out my Instagram: @grizzy.gram

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